CNA Supporters- It’s getting to the Point Where Many of You Need to Say “No Way”

Nurses Who Support  CNA- Is this Something You Would Do?

I know many of you to be honorable people. Excellent nurses. I have difficulty reconciling the fact that you have chosen to associate yourselves with an organization that engages in vandalism and routinely lies, cheats or steals.

A scene from the cafeteria the other day:

CNA employee walks in to the food area, takes a fistful of clear containers (like the ones for salad) and walks out with them. The cashier looked at him and he stared right at her as if challenging her to say something. Really? They didn’t give you enough containers at Jersey Mikes and you have to steal them from the hospital? How is that ok?

The next day, the CNA employee walks in, takes 3 bottles of water and walks out. Without paying. Again? Really? Now, neither of these items are high value items, but would you do that? I know many of you would never do that. Like I said, you are honorable people.

CNA has routinely vandalized our campus. Why? So they can sneak in after hours to bring you “Taco Tuesday” or pizza or some other food to convince you to listen to them.

Why are you choosing to associate yourselves with a for-profit corporation that does things like this? Why? I don’t get it. Maybe one of you will explain it to me someday.

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