CNA Supporters- Pay Attention or So… for you, it’s “Sort of About the Money”

CNA will want to BURN this post. Why? Because it exposes the truth about the Keck contract.

Are you an excellent employee who always gets close to the maximum raise?

Do you want to get the same raise year after year as the laziest nurse on your unit?

Did you know the Keck contract that CNA keeps waving at you agreed to only 2% per year for their RNs- regardless of your performance? Don’t believe me? Check out the salary grid below. Some unintentionally helpful CNA supporting person left it laying around. An iStand nurse happened to pick it up.

The Keck contract is straight time for 12 hours. You need to convert your HH rate of pay to “compare apples to apples”, That’s the number you need to compare to the rates in the Keck contract. Here’s how you calculate that rate:

(8 hours x your rate) + (4 hours x 1.5 overtime) x your rate /12 = your real salary/hour.

Example for New Grad: (8x $31.50) + (4 x 1.5) x $31.50/ 12 = $36.75

Example for $39.00/hour: (8x $39) + (4 x 1.5) x $39/ 12 = $45.50

Example for $43.00/hour:  (8 hours x $43) + (4  x1.5) x $43) /12 =$50.17

Example for $48.00/hour: (8x $48) + (4 x 1.5) x $48 / 12 = $56.00

An easier calculation is to multiply your current salary by 14 and then divide that number by 12. Like this:

$48 x 14= $672 / 12= $56.00

$52 x 14 = $728/12 = $60.67 

Right now people at the top of the HH RN range earn almost as much as Keck top of the scale with no union dues (If you are full time 12 hour shifts, it works out to about a dollar an hour at $140/month). And that’s with great insurance,  great 403b contributions, etc. Do you really want to give that all up so that CNA can run around talking about how they got Huntington Nurses a $8 raise? You know we will lose our overtime. Is it worth it? 

Here is the Keck grid, with it’s pathetic 2% per year raise:

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.44.02 PM


  1. Meri Van Gorden
    April 6, 2015 - 10:32 pm

    Not surprising! Do you recognize this dangerous rhythm? I call it CNA-fib! If you promise unbelievable wages and benefits, you might be a paid organizer. If you have a tendency to preach Catholic social justice teaching to Catholic Sisters who are the founders of St. Joseph Hospital and St. Joseph Health, you might be a paid organizer. If you buy high-end food from Corner Bakery and Claim Jumper from hard working union dues payers to try to have nurses sign cards for the CNA, you might be a paid organizer! Don’t be fooled by the tactics. Our sister ministry, Queen of the Valley voted in the CNA 23 months ago…what kind of progress have they made? Well, they have never had a contract, they have been on strike once, and the other hospital employees have since had TWO raises!! Unbelievable…it’s the CNA-fib, that life with them will be so superior.

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