Vote, Vote, Vote

CNA says: If you don’t want a union, just don’t vote.

What gets me about this lie is this: If they have enough supporters why do they need to mislead people?  What it comes down to is Don’t believe anything CNA and it’s supporters say about voting. 

Did you know there are more people who do not want a union then there are people who do? This is why they are doing this. If they can convince you that you don’t need to vote it’s like another vote for them.

Everyone needs to vote. This is critical- if you don’t want a union and you don’t vote, you lose your voice, and we might end up with the unhappy situation of having CNA in our hospital. Don’t be intimidated by them. 

Please vote. Every vote is important and your vote may be the one that tips it to “Go Away CNA!”.  


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