CNA Supporters- Big Fat Liars Again

The latest from the CNA Big Fat Liar’s Club:

Two CNA supporters have been ganging up on one RN at a time and telling them and tell them “You can’t vote in the eelction unless you sign a card.” And others have been telling people that “it’s okay if you are opposed to a union, or are not sure. Just sign a card so it can come to a vote, but there is no need for you to vote if you don’t want a union.” Seriously? How misleading and dishonest will you be to bring it to a vote?

Finally, have you heard the news from other CNA facilities? Verdugo Hills RNs are sick of CNA after less than a year, and are starting a petition to decertify CNA and make them go away. After almost a year they are sick of paying dues for no benefit.

And at Keck? Did you know that the hospital only pays for HMO insurance? If you want to have the PPO plan, you have to pay- for the full cost. Out of your pocket. Unlike at Huntington where I have a PPO plan for myself and my son for very little money out of my own pocket each month. Yet the CNA supporters don’t talk about this stuff.

In closing, Go Away CNA!

EVERYONE needs to VOTE! Vote NO for CNA representation. Don’t let them tell you you don’t need to vote if you are against the union. That’s their way of stacking the deck in their favor.

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