CNA/NNU and Exploitation of the Ebola “Crisis”

Full article here but here’s a nice quote from it.

“(The union’s) use of scare tactics and unjustified work disruptions are irresponsible and ignore the genuine preparation efforts that have been conducted and are continuing.”

True enough, but irresponsibility is nothing new for the NNU. Consider: While the union ostensibly wants every American hospital to spend millions to prepare for an Ebola case they will likely never see, it fought to prevent mandatory flu vaccinations for nurses. Once again, the union cried corporate greed, saying they opposed the vaccinations because pharmaceutical companies stood to make millions.

Never mind that flu kills more people every year than Ebola ever will. Never mind that flu vaccinations are the surest, safest and (yes) cheapest way to prevent its spread. None of that matters to the NNU, whose every move is designed to advance its stated goal to organize all registered nurses “into a single organization capable of exercising influence over the healthcare industry, governments, and employers.”

So for urging its members to abandon their patients at the height of cold and flu season (so much for putting patients first), and for recklessly stoking public fears of an exotic virus to advance their domestic political power, the NNU is the recipient of the Center for Worker Freedom’s Labor Loser of the Year, 2014.”


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