STAND UP or SHUT UP: Serious questions to the Huntington Nurses who support CNA.

A guest post today. I must say I agree with what this RN has expressed here.

As a bedside nurse I keep wondering why on earth would anyone at our facility want a union? It is not for more money because we have already established that we would all lose money if we went union. It isn’t for fixing staffing issues, because if anyone asked around to union facilities you will see there is no difference in how they staff. It is not for anything that I can concretely understand, and believe me I have tried!

So then I am left with asking why? Why would you want an organization that has thus far lied, exaggerated, and concealed? Not only about Huntington nurses that do not agree with them, but also lied about what they can offer, lied to the city council about what Huntington’s effort were on Ebola preparedness, and much more. If you don’t believe me, then take the flyers they have made and compare them to unbiased resources, you will be amazed at how good CNA is at manipulating and breaking the truth. CNA is under no obligation to tell the truth, yet Huntington is.

Oh and in case you wonder about the people who say, “CNA will give us a voice,” I have hesitated to say this for a long time but I can no longer hold back. If you feel you do not have a voice it is your own fault. I speak up on a daily basis and go to bat for each and every one of my patients, it is the entire point of being a nurse; we are ADVOCATES for our patients and ourselves. I not only speak about issues, but I find possible solutions and find ways to present them in a constructive way. I partner with my co-workers or leadership to find not only a current fix to issues, but lasting ones.

Complaining and waiting for someone else to fix things for you is called being lazy. If your patient were vomiting blood all day would you just wait until the next shift comes in to deal with it? Of course not! You would DO SOMETHING about it. So with all this word vomit about our issues I ask that you get involved and become part of the solution, and if you are not willing to champion your cause, whether it is linen or something else then you need to frankly shut up. I do not mean to be harsh but if you think for one second CNA can fix your own laziness by doing what you will not do for yourself then you are in for a rude awakening. Once they are done with Huntington the free lunch stops and their payday comes at a rate of over 1.5 MILLION dollars a year.

It appears those for CNA are using unionization as a threat to get what they want without doing the work, when all they had to do was simply become a part of the solution. So I challenge every nurse or employee for that matter to stand up for what they believe in and become part of the solution, because no one is a better advocate than you yourself, and you don’t have to pay anyone for it. If you are unwilling to stand up and become a part of the solution then sit down and shut up because all you are doing spreading a cancer of laziness, greed, and entitlement, which by the way has nothing whatsoever to do with patient safety.


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