Pensions. The Truth.

Latest CNA poster. Another one about pension plans.

The pension plan HH had was not that great. My mom worked for Huntington for a long time, contributing to the pension plan for as soon as she could, as long as she worked there. Her employer sponsored pension plan pays her about $200 a month. Two hundred dollars sounded like a decent amount back when she retired in 1994. And it sounded like a LOT of money when she started contributing in 1974. Forty years later, not so much.

When was the last time CNA was successful in negotiating a great pension plan where there was not existing before they started negotiations? Never.

I’ll take my 403b with employer matching. I’ll be better off. I can manage my investments so that I can assure a decent income in retirement.

Take a look at what pensions are going to do to local, state and federal governments. The is ZERO chance of CNA negotiating a pension plan for HH employees. You are still drinking CNA Kool Aid if you think that will be an outcome of negotiations. Pension Tsunami. There is ZERO chance that CNA can negotiate and employer paid pension plan. Those things are dinosaurs. Dead.

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