CNA Supporters- Read Up!

This post is for those who still support the CNA. Are you aware of what CNA is doing to our campus? Did you know we have had a ten-fold increase in vandalism since you invited them to speak for you? Wow. That’s an effective way to show you “care” about the hospital.. But what it shows is that CNA represents the ugly part of unions. Vandalism, threats, intimidation, lies. This is who you have chosen to associate yourselves with.

Have you figured out yet that your silly little rally and your appearance at the City Council meeting have made you the laughing stock of the hospital? Everyone’s laughing. AT you.

And your sad little story about how your manager showed up late at night to surprise you and made you leave a dying patient to get your eval done? Seriously? Do you think anyone but YOU believes that story? And to make up cr*p like that about a well liked manager. And by well liked, I mean well liked by your peers. Disgusting. You just made the front line staff with whom you work step a little further away from your show.  Was that the best story you could come up with? Because it was really lame.

I guess you might keep drinking that CNA kool aid in hopes of that big CNA payout (the one where they give you money in return for organizing for them). The rest of us have sobered up. Almost every post on this page is about setting the record straight about another example of twisting of the truth or outright lies by either the CNA or one of you.  Picking on respected colleagues. Not cool. CNA Kool Aid turns you into a big, fat liar. Might want to think about laying off the kool aid yourself, because LYING makes YOU lose credibility, in case you have not figured that out.

Did you know that even people who signed cards are starting to backpedal and say they are now on the fence about it? And some are even asking how to get those cards back?

PS- Next time you are at work, try doing a little work. Your colleagues are starting to complain.



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