Well, Well. CNA Says it’s Going to Restore Quality Care. By Instructing RNs Not to Do Anything More than the Bare Minimum.

CNA claims it’s going to restore quality care. I’m not sure how that’s going to happen when they also tell RNs not to do anything more than the bare minimum and not to go out of their way to be of assistance to anyone.

The link at the bottom of this post includes a photo of a CNA poster circulated at some Kaiser Hospitals in 2011. Here is an excerpt from that poster.

  • “Do NOT Take Verbal Orders Except in an Emergency.”
  • “Do NOT Work Off the Clock to Finish Your Work.”
  • “Do NOT Do Anything More Than the Bare Minimum.”
  • “Do NOT Go out of Your Way to be of Assistance to Anyone.”

The first two are standard instructions for RNs. Nobody expects us to work off the clock or routinely take verbal orders. The first violates our hospital’s policies, and the second is a Joint Commission standard. But the last two statements? 

At Huntington, we are proud of the work we do to care for our patients. We go out of our way to provide assistance to families and patients, as well as each other. We work well as a team. 

It’s insulting to their coworkers that RNs helping the CNA organize imply that the quality of care now is less than it has been. One of the CNA minions from the ED and another from the ICU have been RNs for all of two-ish years. How dare they think that they (the few who help with organizing) can speak for the rest of us?

We have questions for you CNA supporters: 

  • If union representation is important to you, why didn’t you go work for one of the hospitals that already has the union?
  • Why does the RN who can’t afford to feed her large animals keep talking about it? She made the choice to go part time, effectively cutting her pay by 33%. If you need more money, work more hours. Or sell the animals. Life is about choices.
  • Why does the one RN at the rally hide his face behind his sign every time the camera swings his way?
  • Why did you pick on that poor elderly doctor? He doesn’t know what you roped him into. That was just cruel.
  • When are you making another ugly poster targeting a coworker who doesn’t agree with you?

The CNA efforts at Huntington have never represented the majority of RNs. It was started by a few disgruntled nurses, looking to profit off the rest of us. And the more they hang around, the more we see what charlatans they are. We are losing respect for the RNs leading the CNA organizing efforts at Huntington. They are being paid, for one thing, and whenever they repeat another lie from CNA it is apparent they willing to cross boundaries and twist the truth in another desperate attempt to gain more supporters.

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