About that City Council Meeting Last Night…

Subtitle: CNA makes a lot of noise, again. Ebola, again. Sigh.

Last night was the Pasadena City Council meeting.   A friend who works with the city called to give me a heads up that the employees trying to organize for the CNA planned to be there to complain about our lack of Ebola preparedness. We reached out to other iStand RNs and the disaster coordinator and our decontamination coordinator called and said they were going to be present.

Dr. Goh of the City of Pasadena did a nice presentation on Ebola preparedness by the city. Since the city and the hospital worked together to solve this problem, she knew how much the hospital had done, including training her and her staff.

Sure enough, CCU, DOU and ED RNs and a few others were there. Several of them got up to talk about the lack of Ebola readiness and training. Apparently they don’t feel like an hour of training and a computer based module was enough. Several of the employee organizers came up to the microphone to cite a litany of complaints, and said the following:

“There’s been a lot of panic and a lot of hoopla.” Yup. Agree. All of it courtesy of CNA/NNU. A classic moment was when  that speaker started rambling and the CNA guy had to get up and whisper to her what to say. Taking away our voices, one nurse at a time.

“Our hospitals did not listen to the nurses, so we had to go to Sacramento and meet with Governor Brown.”  Really? How do you know the hospital didn’t listen? They’ve certainly spent a boatload of funds to prepare for this thing that likely will never show up at our door.

Lucky for us iStand folks, Janet and Jen showed up to speak of the preparations at our hospital. Lots of sour faces behind them- not happy that their presentations, while succinct were received much more positively by the council. Thank you Janet and Jen, we appreciate all that you did. Nicely done.

I Stand with Huntington.

#GoAwayCNA                                                                                                                                                                                               #ScoreforiStand



  1. HOORAH!!!!! I worked last night at another hospital were I Am CNA member.. So I was listening to the city council meeting that happened last November 17 thru my phone. Apparently one of my co- worker asks what was I listening to. So explained to her what was it all about…. Her response was… “I agree with you the union here in this hospital is useless, our contract is not renewed and the administration can sit on it for months… and to top it off the staff who organized this CNA Union to come to this hospital they are one by one leaving” So what does this tell you? Union or with out union it does not matter… Although a Union can use money to push what they want by calling in to the politicians that they have supported through the Union dues of “hard working” nurses….
    I wonder if the City Council that showed up during the rally will be running for a higher position sometimes? With the support that the “person” showed up is a support $$$ from CNA. I am not a politician I am not fond of it. But will support politicians who gives equal opportunity to the people and the community.
    So my colleagues who wants the CNA at Huntington Please just leave if you are not happy specially if you have only worked for the last two years with HMH… You have no idea…
    Oh by the way, I have noticed that this organizers for pro Union are any of you member of a council at the Hospital? Also you can get a job with the help of CNA… THINK ABOUT IT…..

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