CNA lies and deceptions

Do you believe EVERYTHING CNA says? Or those hospital employees who are organizing for the CNA?

From the IStandWith Huntington Nurses

About that rally the other day: We heard CNA organizers are saying there were “hundreds of people, stretched in a line down the block.” There was no line around the block. There were certainly no more than 60 people there total, and the majority of those were not employees. Since pictures do speak louder than words, we have two.  

FullSizeRender-13          IMG_3711

Left photo: Taken from the Bridge to the stairwell on the northwest corner of the LaVina Building.

Right Photo: Taken from the West Tower.  

What do we see here? The left picture is the furthest south grouping of people who were participating in the rally. The photo on the right is the group furthest north on Pasadena Avenue. The tree in the upper right corner of the left photo is the same tree in the lower left corner of the right photo. This represents the entire rally.

We also looked south past the La Vina parking lot and did not see anyone down the street in that direction. And some of us walked up to the rally itself and there was certainly nobody up the street to the north. One more time, the CNA and the hospital employees who are leading the union drive make things up to make them seem important. How incredibly arrogant.

They stand outside and cry about protection from Ebola- yet I will bet that none of them attended the presentations by Dr. Shriner a few weeks ago. She shared the Incredibly thoughtful preparation for protecting employees from this disease, advanced quietly and with little fanfare but a lot of support from a lot of people at Huntington- infectious disease physicians, nurses, and members of the hospital’s administration. We are currently training ED and ICU RNs on donning and doffing the protective gear. Our protection will exceed the CDC standards and exceeds that recommended by the World Health Organization.

We are incredibly strong without you, CNA. If you ask people who have worked in union hospitals they will tell you that it’s never good for patient care when you bring in a union. Actual patient care gets worse because it’s really all about the money and they don’t really care about the patients. And if you listen to the union supporters long enough you will come to understand it is once again- all about the money, and not a thing to do with patient care.

Get lost CNA- you don’t belong here.

I Stand with Huntington- the patients, the nurses, the other employees, administration, our community.



  1. Yes! I do agree. CNA leave us alone. I also agree that a union is not good for the hospital, all their interest is money. Personally I am currently a member of CNA in a different institution. So ask me, how is it? There is no difference… We currently have an expired contract and they are still negotiating for the contract… They are threatening for a strike sometimes…. Really! If you have not worked anywhere else other than Huntington I tell you, you are not missing a thing… Huntington Hospital is the ONLY hospital that I know who cares for their employees, but of course it is not perfect. HMH listens, it takes time… Just like negotiating a contract. Anybody that asks me where I work, they always say good things about HMH. So CNA stop lying to the community and employees… as you claim to restore the quality of care. You have insulted all of the nurses at HMH…. Please check the Scores of HMH online….. I am tired of this disruption. I would love to speak to you all about how is it to be in Union hospital…. or may I suggest the Employees who are organizing for CNA go work for a unionized hospital, then tell me how it is… YOU MAY REALLY NEED TO CRY TO COME BACK TO HUNTINGTON, just like the “cry” you did at the rally….. maybe worse….

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