CNA Supporters: Let’s VOTE or declare a loss at Huntington Hospital

After almost a year and a half of waiting, we finally had had an election scheduled for 9/28 and 9/29. Since CNA apparently thinks they are going to lose, they are now doing their usual delaying tactics and filing ULPs. The first one last Friday was about the “illegal and mandatory” labor classes the hospital has made available. These are actually non-mandatory, and legal Labor Information classes. As one of my colleagues said, apparently the nurses who support the CNA don’t listen to One Minute Overview where they say “it’s not mandatory but let us know if you are interested.”

The second one, delivered today- was that the managers, directors and executive team are “Soliciting concerns.” Sounds like good business practices to me. Seriously- why are you complaining about this? You complained that administrators were not listening to us and now you complain that they are listening to us. Make up your mind about what it is that you want.

Support for the hospital is excellent. Many realize the excellent benefits we have here. Much better than the most CNA hospitals. And we are not paying $1500/year in dues, as a friend who works at a local CNA hospital told me is the case. We’ve hired over 400 new nurses since last year and most of those are thrilled to be working at Huntington.

Have you noticed the CNA supporters sneaking around the hospital lately? Why do they have to sneak around? Why don’t they like it when we tell them to get off our units because we are trying to work. Why do they think we are going to listen to them now?


Does CNA know they will lose a repeat election? I think so. I think that’s what all this is about. Even previous supporters have told them that they are weak. They lost last time by 100 votes (and 175 challenge votes). It will be closer to 500 now even if they still challenge everyone they challenged last time.

Let’s VOTE!!! Let’s Vote today! I demand a vote! 








CNA had another big loss tonight.

Nurses at St Jude Hospital in Orange County voted to KEEP their voices and their money and shut down the CNA.

The final tally:

St. Jude RNs 387                   CNA 276                A win for St. Jude nurses by 111 votes!

Congratulations to St. Jude RNs!! We are thrilled for you and for all RNs.