Get Ready- We Are Voting Again! But it’s a Good Thing.

It’s been a long time. Almost a year. At least CNA hasn’t been around much, spreading their lies and hatred and bullying people for disagreeing with them. They lurk in the parking lot, stalking pro  hospital RNs, especially the outspoken ones. One of our nurses recently had screws driven into all four of her tires. Same question as when someone left dried out dog (?) poop on the chair in my office. Really? You want to be associated with people who will do stuff like this?

If you have not heard yet- we are going to vote again. We don’t yet have a date.

I don’t have all of the details but I would guess it went something like this:

CNA: If you reinstate the two nurses who got terminated, we will withdraw our objections to the vote.

Our People: Heck no! They claimed to care about patient safety, and got caught red handed doing something that violates basic patient safety principles.  Perhaps because they think they are so perfect they never make mistakes. Then they deny doing it. Then CNA says that they say “Well, we only did it it because everyone does it.” Forget it. We are not about to reinstate them. We’ll let our nurses vote again.

And we will vote again. Same group as last time. If you got challenged last time, expect to be challenged again.

WE WILL WIN AGAIN, by an even greater margin this time.

Go iStand!

Go Away Loser CNA.